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Matrix has produced bespoke and site-specific Travel Plans for many different types of land uses, including employment, schools and residential developments.

The main aim of a Travel Plan is to reduce the use of single occupancy car use through implementing measures which will help to facilitate and encourage users to travel more sustainably. This includes auditing the existing sustainable travel facilities available and devising a Travel Plan Action Plan encouraging and facilitating increased take-up of walking, cycling, public transport usage and car sharing.

Targets in terms of modal shift from single occupancy car use are then set and agreed with the local authority.

The effectiveness of a Travel Plan is usually measured by a combination of annual traffic and travel questionnaire surveys, the coordination of which forms part of the role of the Travel Plan Coordinator. The results from these surveys provide the mechanisms for local authorities to assess and review if the Travel Plan is meeting its modal shift targets.

Do you require a Travel Plan for a site? Matrix can help you with your Travel Plan requirements.


 If your development requires a Travel Plan Coordinator, you should look to appoint one at the earliest opportunity. Matrix has extensive experience of acting as Travel Plan Coordinators, as well as producing Travel Plans, for a variety of development types all over the UK.

A Travel Plan Coordinator is critical to the effective implementation of a Travel Plan.  It is strongly advised that the appointment of a Travel Plan Coordinator is undertaken well in advance as the Travel Plan Coordinator is usually responsible for ensuring that Travel Plan measures are implemented prior to the first occupation.

At Matrix we understand the importance of representing the client we are working on behalf of in the right way. As Travel Plan Coordinators, we provide the focal point, expertise and commitment to develop, manage and implement the Travel Plan over its lifetime. We pride ourselves in establishing good working relationships with all stakeholders, including local authorities and residents/employees


The role and responsibilities of a Travel Plan Coordinator will be specific to each development’s individual Travel Plan, as agreed with the relevant local authority.

When implementing a Travel Plan the services Matrix offer as a Travel Plan Coordinator typically include:

  • Managing Travel Plan budgets and the delivery of measures
  • Designing bespoke promotional materials
  • Liaising with key stakeholders such as local authorities and public transport operators and sales staff.
  • Engaging with users of the development and promoting sustainable travel
  • Administrating and managing Travel Vouchers which offer incentives on bus and rail travel and cycling
  • Working with contractors and councils to ensure Travel Plan infrastructure measures are implemented, such as secure cycle parking, bus stop infrastructure etc.
  • Organising and chairing Travel Plan Steering/Management Groups
  • Advise on the design and providing the content for bespoke webpages/websites highlighting sustainable travel options and the Travel Plan
  • Personalised Travel Planning
  • Travel Plan monitoring including travel surveys and analysis
  • Organising and promoting sustainable travel events, through engagement with local authorities and associated parties e.g. community events raising the profile of sustainable travel options

We can tailor individual fee quotes based on the circumstances and requirements of the Travel Plan.