Transport Planning

image_900x600_06-768x5121Planning for the mobility needs of those who live, work, shop or simply relax at new developments

From assessing the feasibility of undeveloped (or previously developed) land for new development to the design of new development that accommodates the movement needs of people and goods in safety and comfort, we support the planning, design and delivery of new development.

Our Client base includes landowners, developers and Education Authorities, as well as other development professionals, such as Architects and Planning Consultants.

Reflecting our involvement at every stage of a development project, our services range across:

  • Site Appraisal: we visit potential development sites and study their transportation context to establish whether development is achievable and at what level of investment in mobility infrastructure;
  • Scheme Development: we support Masterplanners and Urban Designers in the design of development schemes that emphasise the value of ‘place’, going further than the blind adoption of design standards to give people places where they want to be;
  • Planning Applications: we prepare material to support planning applications (Transport Statements and Assessments, Travel Plans) and negotiate with the authorities and other stakeholders to ensure that new development meets their needs as well as that of our Clients;
  • Conditions and Obligations: we negotiate with a range of statutory and non-statutory stakeholders to agree Planning Conditions that are acceptable to all parties. Where legal obligations are appropriate, we support our Client’s Solicitors in drafting terms that are acceptable to all;
  • Detailed Design: working alongside our Infrastructure Team, we develop the design of new highways (including cycleways and footpaths), improvements to existing highway, new junctions, car parks, service areas and on-site circulation;
  • Implementation: we can deal with the discharge of certain pre-commencement and pre-occupation Planning Conditions, removing one last hurdle to the beginning of construction;

We are at all times negotiators, facilitating projects in a way that meets our Client’s needs …