Mobility Management

1Whether a result of a Planning Condition or simply a desire to support more sustainable patterns of mobility, we help organisations of all forms to deliver real change in their mobility profile

The adoption of Mobility Management Plans (or Travel Plans) is becoming more widespread, as those who plan or occupy new development look to offer wider mobility choices to their customers, their tenants and staff. Making development accessible and maximising the mobility choices of those who live and work in it is more than just a matter of responding to a Planning Condition or a feeling of moral duty. Increasingly, people are choosing where they wish to live and work based on the opportunities to be mobile without the constraints of car ownership. As a result, there is real economic value, as well as Environmental benefit, in managing mobility after development has been occupied.

Mobility Management Planning has become a specialist area of work for Matrix. We now administer Mobility Management Plans (MMP’s) for Clients as varied as housebuilders and car dealerships.

For further information on this specialist service, please click here to access our dedicated Travel Planning website.

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