Tadpole Garden Village, Swindon

December 10 2017
Tadpole Garden Village

Tadpole Garden Village is a mixed-use development, with around 1,700 homes to be built over by completion in 2024. Matrix undertook the detailed residential Travel Plan for the site and was subsequently appointed as the Residential Travel Plan Coordinator to implement the plan in 2014. In our role as Travel Plan Coordinator so far, Matrix has:

  • Produced a concise and comprehensive Travel Information Guide which is distributed to residents on completion. The Guide includes information on walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing as well as sustainable travel tips. The Guide also effectively makes use of web links and QR codes providing instant access to more information as and when needed.
  • Designed and successfully managed an ongoing Travel Voucher incentive scheme which entitles each household a free bus pass or a contribution towards the purchase of a bicycle.
  • Delivered Travel Plan training to sales staff for all house builders on site, including Housing Associations, highlighting the importance of the Travel Plan for the overall development, and the process of distributing Travel Information Guides and Travel Vouchers to residents on completion.
  • Continued to maintain a supportive relationship with all sales staff through regular visits on-site and through providing resources such as information leaflets.
  • Helped with all travel queries of residents and prospective buyers, aiding them in finding sustainable travel solutions through Personalised Travel Planning (PTP).
  • Attended several community events to promote the Travel Plan, including residents’ meetings and public exhibitions, providing PTP and information to existing and prospective residents.
  • Worked with the developer and the local bus operator to implement a Section 106-funded bus service to the development ahead of schedule, and successfully marketed the new service to residents.