Residential Redevelopment in Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire

October 02 2016

Client: Atriarc Planning & Construction

Lawrenny is a modest village located within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and identified in the Park Authority’s Development Plan as an appropriate location for new residential development. A dairy farm occupies a significant site in the heart of the village and the Authority has responded favourably to a proposal to relocate the farm and redevelop the site to accommodate 33 new houses. The existing dairy is to be relocated to a new site and Matrix was instructed to support two applications for planning permission.

Existing highway infrastructure within the village is what one would reasonably expect and it has been evident from the outset that new development cannot be delivered in accordance with traditional standards demanded by the Highway Authority. Working closely with the Client’s Architect we developed a Masterplan for the site that facilitated vehicle movement into and around the 33-house scheme in a way that is safe and effective, yet sympathetic to the local setting. This has required compromise against highway standards but in the interest of the quality of the scheme.

A formal Transport Assessment for the housing proposal and a Transport Statement for the new dairy have been prepared to accompany the two planning applications.