Potential School, Woodside Road, Abbots Langley

June 17 2016

Client: Hertfordshire County Council

Planning permission was granted for a new housing development, with a site adjacent to it safeguarded for a new School. Whilst the site of the School was included as part of the planning application, its transport impacts were not assessed. The Education Authority was concerned that (a) the site could accommodate a School of appropriate design and (b) permission for the School would be conditional on investment in transport infrastructure the scale of which had yet to be tested.

Matrix was therefore appointed firstly to assess the likely level of investment in impact mitigation and secondly, to support the authority’s Architect in designing a School that would fit within the site boundaries.

Our studies identified a local congestion ‘hotspot’, where the School would materially add to congestion, with a high probability of a requirement for contribution towards the cost of improvement.

In respect of the masterplan, we concluded that a School of the capacity required by the Education Authority could not be3 delivered on the site with appropriate levels of accessibility.