Kings Mews, London

July 11 2016

Client: WC1 Projects Ltd

Planning permission was been granted for the redevelopment of a mews property to deliver three new dwellings. The very constrained location of the site led the planning authority to demand a Construction Management Plan (CMP) before development could commence. The applicant, though a professional developer, looked to Matrix for help to move the project forward.

The site is located in the heart of London and the critical construction issues are (a) safe access to the site and (b) the preservation of safe movement past it. Matrix is currently working with the Client to plan the build in a way that achieves both. This has required us to study the site constraints in more detail, including the way the adjacent Theobalds Road functions. In particular, we have needed to understand the movement patterns of pedestrians and cyclists in order to plan for their safety.

The output of our work includes a scheme of deliveries and hoarding arrangements which accommodates the servicing of the construction site. Throughout the process we are liaising with Council Officers to ensure that the CMP will be approved, thereby unlocking the development.