Kilnwood Vale, Horsham, West Sussex

October 06 2016

Client: Crest Nicholson PLC

Crest Nicholson’s development at Kilnwood Vale in West Sussex is a strategic, mixed use development delivering 2,500 new homes in the district. Reflecting prevailing planning guidance, permission was granted for the scheme conditional on the implementation of a Travel Plan.

Having prepared the Travel Plan and secured its approval, Matrix was then invited to assist the developer in implementing it. The Plan came into effect in 2013 and Matrix has been continuously managing the development since, reducing cost expenditure for the client and providing additional resources.

Working with key stakeholders, including the Local Highway Authority, Planning Authority and Bus Operator, Matrix has been able to divert two existing bus services, increasing the accessibility of the development. Matrix’s role as Plan Co-ordinator enabled the additional delivery of Travel Planning training to the new Residents Association Group.

The development scheme has subsequently become one that supports its residents in making real and sustainable transport choices, adding tangible branding value that the developer has been able to exploit in other projects. More directly, by achieving mode share targets Matrix is currently saving the developer £2m, which would otherwise need to be paid to the Planning Authority in the form of penalties.