Matrix is an independent consultancy, offering transport planning and infrastructure design services to developers and landowners across the UK. We have a wide range of experience in this area, allowing us to understand and respond to the needs of our Clients.

From our offices in Bristol and Sheffield, we offer specialist advice to support development, whether redevelopment of previously developed land or wholly new projects. We also work with developers and businesses to help them make their sites more accessible. By increasing the attractiveness of homes and offices for those who choose to live or work there, we can generate increased demand for new development and lift its value.

Valued for the experience of our staff, we offer solutions that are effective and efficient. Our people are development professionals, chosen for their appreciation of the sometimes competing needs of those who develop, those whose role it is to control development and those who have to live with the impacts arising from new development.

We are at times technical, applying standards and good practise to secure effective outcomes. We are at times creative, working with architects and masterplanners to deliver schemes that consider from the outset, people’s mobility needs. We are at all times negotiators, facilitating projects in a way that meets our Client’s needs, whilst reflecting as far as possible the ambitions of other stakeholders.

Our attention to detail is the basis for our ability to prepare solutions that are specific to each site and to each Client. We understand and respect too the perspectives and responsibilities of other development stakeholders and authorities, delivering solutions that can simultaneously be supported externally.

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